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Traveling To San Antonio? Experience The Convenience Of An In-Hotel Room Mobile Massage Service!

The year 2020 has been a rather unique experience for the world, let alone The United States. Citizens have lost their jobs, and in allot of cases, their sanity. In many cases, people have found themselves trapped between four walls, only having outside contact with service providers like pizza delivery drivers and/or postal workers. We as a nation have had to conform our lives to fit a new norm. A norm filled with caution, fear, death, and bodily protection. Many industries have suffered at the wrath of a force our nation has never seen before in the magnitude we now see it. A global pandemic. One industry that took a major blow is Health and Wellness. A top player in this field, Massage Therapy saw a massive financial decline due to the pandemic. All massage parlors were mandated to close their doors. Many licensed massage therapists suddenly found themselves without work. Others chose to take their services on the road. One licensed therapist whose business already catered to clients in the comfort of their homes or offices, experienced a boom in business after the outbreak of COVID-19. Founder and LMT at Arm's Reach Mobile Massage, Deadrick "Dee" James, LMT, says the sudden increase in business was a complete shock. "Honestly, when I started hearing about spas being mandated to close due to COVID-19, I thought for sure my mobile massage business was gonna stop getting calls. Fortunately for me, the pandemic actually helped my business grow a bit, due to the fact that my place of work is in my client's homes, which is where they were now forced to be most of their time". Arm's Reach Mobile Massage was created after dozens of Dee's massage clients started asking if he offered mobile services as well. "I have worked for a handful of spas in San Antonio. After a few years of working at spas, I took a leap of faith and decided to go into business for myself - offering treatments in a studio. Eventually I knew I would go mobile, as that is why I got into massage therapy to begin with - to offer mobile treatments". In 2016 Dee had amassed enough clientele to launch Arms Reach Mobile Massage in December that year. "I have always wanted to give back to my hometown of San Antonio in some shape or form. What better way to give back then to offer relaxation in a stressful world?". In March of 2020, Deadrick would come to realize that people were at home even more than they had been prior to COVID-19. His phone began to ring more often and he was starting to get more frequent mobile massage requests than usual. "I just feel like COVID is a blessing in disguise. I started realizing that my service was more needed now that people were at home stressing out. So I created a special for all customers, new and current. Customers who are visiting San Antonio would receive a slightly steeper discount as well. It feels good to give the gift of relaxation!". If you are planning a trip to San Antonio, or even if you are a resident and are in dire need of a professional massage treatment, take advantage of one of ARMM's many specials by visiting: Offering services such as Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, Couples Massage, Trigger Point Release Therapy, and many more, Arm's Reach Mobile Massage will bring your treatment to you! "Reach Out To Relaxation" and give them a call TODAY!

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